This birdhouse in my parents’ backyard cracks me up.
I wonder sometimes about the birds who have adopted
this little spot in the world as their own.
Do they see it as a vacation spot, like a little north woods getaway?
Or does it serve as their year-round, trailer park home?
The next time you see a birdhouse,
stop for a moment and let your mind wander,
thinking about what life might be like in that tiny home sweet home.
Are they happy in there? Are they running out of storage? Do they have cable?
When you let your mind focus on such a seemingly silly daydream,
you’re actually inviting yourself
to find time for divas and daydreams.
Pat your Self on the back!
Update: Ok, people. True confession. I posted this late last night. Evidently way too late. Because it looks like I did the equivalent of drunk dialing on my blog! I was so tired when I was writing last night…and must have nodded off because the last two sentences make no sense! I remember thinking that I’d say that all that daydreaming is an invitation to experience the present, pulling you back into the here and now. Clearly, I need to do this more…as well sleep more, too. Good grief!