Last night, I got to attend my first game at Target Field, the Minnesota Twins’ new (and stunning) outdoor stadium. During the hour or two before the game, the sky darkened and threatened to rain. Not sure if the game would be rained out, we grabbed our hoodies and headed out the door.

The clouds waited until the second inning to open up and rain down on us. A few sprinkles at first, and then a full-on downpour. It was actually pretty amusing watching thousands of fans in a tizzy when the first raindrops fell, hurriedly covering themselves with jackets, hats and umbrellas. Many ran for cover, hurrying up the stairs to search for shelter. I was having so much fun people-watching that I didn’t even realize how wet I was getting. By the time I did notice, I had seriously frizzy hair and damp clothes!

I could have quickly tried to cover up (my hoodie was in my bag, after all), but the soft, cool rain drops felt so good on my face and bare arms! I had nowhere special to go after the night game and I was wearing clothes that would later get thrown into the wash anyway. So, I gave myself permission to just let it be…and just enjoy sitting in the rain. And it was marvelous! Eventually, the rain stopped, the clouds cleared and the sunset cast a beautiful glow across the ballpark.

Over at the I’m Choosing Beauty Facebook page, I suggested this weekend that people create a Summer Bucket List of things you want to accomplish between now and September. I think time in the rain should be one for everyone – sit in the rain, sing in the rain, jump in the rain. You need a shower! 🙂