Every flowering plant has buds that unfold in perfect time and bloom as big and beautiful as can be. But each plant also has buds that never budge, remaining tightly closed all summer long and eventually withering away in the same state they arrived in.
I wonder if the things that keep those buds from opening up are the very same things that keep us from blooming, too. Forget water and fertilizer; our growth is stunted by far more powerful influences called Fear, Worry, Sorrow, and Desperation. Those are like poison for any garden, choking the roots and plucking the petals slowly, painfully.
But here’s the cool thing: we are all perennials, capable of blossoming year after year. Sometimes you can stay tightly protected inside the bud, other times you may feel ready to open up and bloom. Right now, I’m in one of those phases when I know deep inside that I need a little more fertilizer so I can bloom like crazy. And I know that whenever I say (and truly believe) I’m ready for more – ready to do more and be more – opportunities sprout up in amazing ways.
I’m so excited about the way I’m tending to my own garden this season: by learning from a trifecta of Wonder Women. I’m over the moon about enrolling in Kelly Rae Roberts’ Flying Lessons e-course, which started this weekend. And I can’t wait to dive into Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions. Those are both courses I’ve opted to invest a good chunk of time and money into because I just KNOW in my bones they’re right for me right now. The other learning opportunity I’m thrilled about happens tomorrow night (June 2), when Christine Kane offers a FREE teleseminar on overcoming struggles and creating the life you want. Anyone can participate – she has 2,000 people signed up already!
So, what will you do this week to change the scenery of your life? Anything? Everything? Let me know!