Oh, be still my heart! I think one of the best-ever day brighteners is opening my mailbox to find a thoughtful little surprise from a friend.

This handmade thank you note from my friend Alexis recently arrived in the mail. She went above and beyond, spelling my name out in silver stickers and adding a pearl-studded flower to dot the i. Just the thought of her taking the time to do this had my heart doing backflips! And it makes me want to do something like this for someone else. 🙂

Another recent package literally had me skipping from the mailbox up the driveway to our door because I couldn’t wait to open it! On the envelope, I saw an adorable little sketch of a girl with her dog; I knew right away it was a special delivery from Bella Sinclair, an artist/blogger/mama whom I adore.

One of the magical things about the blogosphere is being able to connect with incredibly talented, inspiring women – kindred spirits near and far – whom I now consider long-distance friends despite never having met them in person. What a gift! I had told Bella how in love I was with a recent piece of artwork she’d posted: a parade of spirited little girls carrying giant, colorful cupcakes bigger than their heads (including one whose cupcake tumbles and practically swallows her up!). Bella made a print and sent it my way, complete with an adorable handmade card, simply out of the kindness of her heart. That kind of generosity just fills me with joy and gratitude!

If you’re wishing your mailbox would fill up with treats as terrific as these, don’t wait around. Make the first move and send your own little bits of whimsy and wonder to a couple of friends for no reason other than to put a little extra spring in their step. Create a little greeting card karma – I’m willing to bet it’ll eventually boomerang back to you!

beauty tip: not so crafty? check out the super stylish thank you cards and notes at RedStamp.com!