We’re in a state of mourning here at the Lane household. Nothing serious, mind you, except that this last day of first grade means it was also our seven-year-old’s last day with Senorita Carlson. Our son is in a Spanish Immersion program where the teachers and students speak only in Spanish. The thought of teaching math, reading and science in Spanish to a bunch of little kids sounds like an impossible challenge to me. And then, add my kid into the mix – a boy with the kindest heart but the loudest voice. He’s a spirited kid, seemingly born to bounce off the walls.

And yet Senorita Carlson was unflappable all year. We had given her a heads-up about his learning style, which has frustrated past teachers, and on the first day of first grade, she was ready for him with small toys at his desk to play with while class was in session. Throughout the school year, she continually came up with inventive ways to keep him engaged. She even came to his birthday party (he insisted on inviting her). The result? Our boy soared this year – he learned to read, he became a math whiz kid, and – most importantly – he learned that school can be wonderful. He looked forward to every day with his beloved teacher, whom I know had to creatively juggle a whole classroom full of kids with individual issues and learning styles. What an amazing feat. What an amazing teacher.

When my son got home from his last day of school today, he excitedly told me how he’d “waved like crazy” to Senorita Carlson as the bus pulled away and that she’d waved back like crazy, too. Imagining the scene, with her fading out of his view, I had to choke back tears. He may be moving on, but I know he will never forget Senorita Carlson.

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