Ever feel like you live in a bubble?
It might sound perfectly lovely at first,
quietly floating along inside an iridescent orb,
protected from the elements of life.
But the view from inside gets pretty distorted
and the days can get awfully lonely
as you drift past all the opportunities
life has purposefully put in your path.
You tell yourself there’s safety and security inside that little bubble,
even as you tremble with fears about landing,
the bubble bursting,
your journey ending.
I think the truth is this:
when we find the courage
to burst our own bubbles and face our own fears,
we open ourselves up
to people, places and possibilities
that, in no time flat, help us realize
we can fly
and always could,
Beauty Tip: You may not want to live inside a bubble, but you can certainly blow bubbles! Pick up some bubbles this weekend and and allow yourself to just play!