Ever noticed how little you look up?
I mean really look up.
A hidden camera would catch most of us living day-to-day
looking everywhere but up.
Our heads are buried in modern-day sand:
tabloids, laptops, cell phones,
iPads, iPods, Kindles.
Or we’re hyper-focused on what’s in front of us,
with no peripheral vision. 
What’s next and how are we getting there?
What’s the best way? The quickest way? The right way?
Whenever I take a second
to pull myself away from the rat race and
just look up,
I’m always rewarded with terrific treasures:
glorious clouds, beautiful birds, darling nests,
stunning structures, a gorgeous rainbow,
swaying trees, rustling leaves,
a sky full of stars.
Do yourself a favor and give yourself a lift.