Happy What The Wednesday! I’m so excited! I asked artist Jennifer Maroney if she would create a one-of-a-kind journal for YOU, my readers, and she did! For the journals she creates, she uses a plain, bound notebook as her canvas and turns it into a piece of beautiful artwork.You have the chance to win this lovely 8 x 11 inch creation, featuring a deep blue background with this stunning, swirly stargazer lily and the artist’s signature on the back. The 386 pages are unlined and perfect for journaling and sketching.
Journaling is such a great way to uncover your innermost thoughts. Each journal you keep becomes a time capsule of your thoughts and experiences at one time in your life. In fact, I just ran across an Artist’s Way journal I kept 15 years ago and it was so fascinating to read what I was thinking, feeling and dreaming back then! So, to enter to win today’s beauty artist giveaway, do tell…
What do you do now to record your
special memories, experiences, thoughts or feelings?
Do you love to scrapbook, take pictures, write, paint?

Leave your answer below in the comments by Friday at midnight CST. Be sure to include your email address or a link to your blog, where your contact info can easily be found. And if you want to earn extra entries, leave additional comments to tell me that you…

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(back of journal, signed by Jennifer)
Update: Congrats to Amy in San Marcos, TX
for winning Jennifer’s journal! Yay!