Okay, people.
I’m branching out.
Blooming, if you will.
Friends who know my heart and soul (and fears)
have been poking and prodding me lately,
 urging me to let my inner artist out already!
The word ARTIST carries so much weight, I think.
I mean, my brother is an amazing artist.
He puts pen to paper and can create a masterpiece in minutes.
But me?
Well, I’ve never considered myself an actual artist.
I just love to write. and take pictures. and doodle.
and create collages. and play with my penmanship.
and inspire folks to live happily ever after.
I have to admit, though,
there’s been a stirring in my soul lately.
Like something’s gnawing and scratching at my creative spirit,
trying to get my attention, pleading with me to create.
I have long suspected there might be something more
I could do with the pictures I take.
And so, I’ve given myself permission
to try my hand at my own brand of art.
I’m having SO MUCH FUN experimenting
with words and colors and styles and images.
And today I ordered new business cards
and guess what?
I added “artist” to my title.
I totally believe that what we think is what we create.
And I think I want to be an artist.
Beauty Tip: Doodle your day away! Keep a pen and paper nearby so you can scribble and scratch while you daydream, talk on the phone, wait in line, sit in traffic (ok, wait – don’t doodle and drive). Then take a look at what you’ve absent-mindedly created during the day. See what your drawings draw out of you!