(graffiti wall art)
My boys have serious, mind-boggling rhythm and have since they were tiny.
Find a good beat, pump up the volume and they can’t help but
MOVE to the MUSIC.
I want them to know that it’s groovy to groove.
So many little girls are twirling around in a world
of dance classes and teams and recitals,
but there are far fewer opportunities (not to mention cultural acceptance)
for my beat-boxing, toe-tapping, be-bopping boys.
So, I totally melted at the sight of my seven-year-old
in his very own dance recital yesterday;
the culmination of a week-long hip-hop/breakdancing summer camp.
Popping and locking, breaking and free-styling.
He’s getting so big, so independent, so…cool.
But he looked so little in that great big dance studio,
concentrating so hard on getting his moves just right,
connecting with the thump-thump-thump of each tune.
I don’t care what he grows up to be,
but I hope he is always a dancer.
Beauty Tip: If you haven’t seen the documentary Michael Jackson: This Is It, I highly recommend it (as would my little breaker!). Every time we watch it, I’m just mesmerized. MJ was a total musical genius and he surrounded himself with such incredible musicians, dancers and producers. It is art in motion and you’re guaranteed to want to move and groove.