Do you have people in your life who want you to fly?
I feel so, so, so blessed right now to be surrounded
by a circle of cheerleaders and co-pilots
near and far, new and old.
And they’ve really come in handy lately
as I’ve been staring a lot at my shadow,
developing a flight plan
and needing friends who are ready and willing
to hold me up when my wings feel a little wobbly.
Having a support group beyond my totally biased, totally wonderful family
is such an amazing gift.
And this week I’ve felt so lifted up by friends in so many ways.
I spent several hours laughing, crying and eating with wise women I adore.
I giggled at texts sent by a couple of buddies who know me by heart.
I received sweet notes from online friends I’ve never even met
but who are happy to be on this creative journey with me.
Years ago, I never imagined my friendships could be so sweet and rich.
I am a lucky, lucky girl
and I love each and every one of you.
Beauty Tip: I hope you have a circle of friends that want you to fly, too. If you do, let them know how much you love and appreciate them. If you don’t right now, trust that you will in due time. Visualize the kinds of friends you need and want in your life and expect that they are somehow, someway on their way to you!