I spent a lot of time this holiday weekend looking up, ooohing and aaaahing at life. Last night, of course, fireworks lit up the night sky. I love how the tradition of 4th of July fireworks draws perfect strangers together – all perched on lawn chairs or spread out on blankets – staring up at the sky, dazzled by light.
The day before, I stared at the sky with my heart in my throat as my hubby jumped out of a plane. He turned 40 last week and, despite his fear of heights, he wanted to celebrate the milestone in this death-defying way. He flew in a tiny plane up into the blue sky – 13,000 feet up – and flung himself into the air with an instructor on his back (thank god). From the ground, the plane was just a tiny speck in the sky. It was so sunny that I was squinting and covering my eyes, straining to see something…anything. Finally, we saw a dot of orange appear beyond the clouds, and knew the parachute had opened (thank god, again!). It was amazing to watch them slowly float down through the clouds. At that point, I knew he would be fine and I was so happy to watch him experience this thrill of a lifetime. His courage inspired me to consider making the jump myself…so stay tuned! 🙂  
Beauty Tip: Don’t let major occasions like these be the only reason to look up! Bask in the sky’s deep blue, find shapes in the clouds, watch rumbling rain clouds roll in. Take time every day to really see the sky.
Photo Credits: Me & The Hubby Pre-Jump – Bill Stimpson,  Skydiving Shot – Skydive Twin Cities