It took what seemed like forever to capture this tiny drop of water, hanging by a thread from a flower petal today. We had a glorious summer rain and as soon as the sun began to shine again, I ran outside to take photos in the garden. I love the way the water glistens and glows as it clings to flowers, leaves and grass.
After the storm, the pretty petals on my pink coneflowers cupped raindrops at their tips. But one simply could not hold on. I watched the raindrop slip ever so slowly down to the petal’s edge and hang there perilously, as if it was scared to land on the ground below. I was amazed how long it clung to the flower and reflected its surroundings – mirroring the flowers around it, our house, and even my camera lens.
I finally gave up waiting for the raindrop to fall to earth. It just dangled there, unfazed and unwilling to budge, as if glued to the petal’s tip. I suppose it’s like waiting for water to boil, paint to dry or for the moment a seedling might sprout. Some things – actually all things – happen in their own time. Who am I to rush the process?
Beauty Tip: See how long you can last watching one of nature’s slow-moving miracles: a sunset from start to finish, a caterpillar crossing the sidewalk, a puddle drying up in the sun. Do nothing else – just get lost in the present moment and enjoy.