Given that I opened my “dudio” this week and have been playing with paints and papers and pictures, oh my! I thought I’d showcase items that may help your inner artist step into the light!

I Am A Successful Artist: I love this limited edition, signed 8×10 print by London artist Nick Morley, who says he created it to motivate himself whenever he’s feeling a little low. Cost: $14

Taking Flight: Inspiration And Techniques To Give Your Creative Spirit Wings: This book by artist and all-around awesome blossom Kelly Rae Roberts is a great introduction to mixed media art, but also a huge inspiration and thought provoking companion for emerging artists, no matter your art form.

Artful Blogging: I am absolutely giddy when I find a new issue of this magazine at the bookstore! In fact, I just got this latest Summer 2010 issue tonight, which is full of advice, interviews and art by playful, artful bloggers. I save and treasure each issue I get! Cost: $14.99 per issue

I Am An Artist, Not A….Rings: These are so great for anyone who is holding a job (or has in the past) just to pay the bills, even though their true calling in life is their art. Created by Kathryn Reichert, the top ring says “I am an artist…” and the second says “…not a ____________.” You fill in the blank – not a waitress? truck driver? nanny? doctor? Love that! Cost: $48 for two rings

Make Time For Your Art: My blogging buddy Aimee Dolich of Artsyville sent this 5×7 print to me several months ago along with an order I’d placed for her adorable doodles. It’s as if she knew something I didn’t at the time – that I would soon need to make more time for my own art! Psst! You can also buy it as a magnet! Cost: $8