I don’t even know your name,
                                     but I love you!
                                                              I love your jagged edges;
                                                                               it’s like Mother Nature sent in a scrapbooker
                                                                               to give your petals extra flair!
                 I love your halo of bright white light.
                                                                                         I love your razzle-dazzle center,
                                                              with its explosion of confetti and ribbons and glee.
                You must be the party girl of the garden!
                                                                      And I feel so razzle-dazzle lucky to have met you.
Beauty Tip: Give your flowers a personality test! Take a closer look than usual and take a guess at their personality traits based on each one’s unique attributes. Do you have any shy ones? bossy ones? grumpy ones? silly ones? sassy ones? It’s a fun way to get lost in the moment and celebrate summer’s true beauties.