I am back from vacation and so glad to be reunited with you! It was a great week and a half – good sleeping, good eating, good fun and lots of laughter. Once we got home, my hubby asked our seven-year-old to name his favorite part of our trip. But the little guy couldn’t come up with just one thing – there were too many great moments to have to choose just one! I could relate. It’s always hard for me to pick a single moment that rose above the rest.
But the more I think about it, the more I’ve realized my favorite part of our vacation was the light. Sunlight dancing through the trees, sparkling light on the water, a brilliant sunset, lightning during a rain storm, flashlights to guide us to our cabins at night, kids playing with their shadows, catching fireflies, building a campfire, and overall lightheartedness. All moments that took my breath away for their ability to capture the light of the day in such a magical way.  
Beauty Tip: Notice the light around YOU today. See the shadows in your office, the glare on your windshield, the way gardens sparkle after a rainfall. Let the light in!