Have you caught the kindness bug yet? I don’t know how I missed this in March (other than the fact that I don’t read Science Daily regularly…or ever), but they published research that proves kindness really is contagious. Yep – when you do something nice for someone, it has a ripple effect. I think we all probably suspected that was the case, but I love that there’s scientific proof.

Kindness goes straight to the heart. They say even the crabbiest person can’t fight off its healing, happy-making powers. The research shows that basically everybody is uplifted when someone is kind to them AND they are inspired to be kind to someone else. And then their kindness inspires the next person to be kind, creating this ripple of generosity started by just one person. Paying it forward isn’t just a sweet notion – it really works! The researchers from the University of California-San Diego and Harvard are now calling kindness a “social contagion.” I call it wonderful.

Beauty Tip: Create a ripple effect here! Share a favorite act of kindness so we all have new ideas for ways to pay it forward. Mine include paying for the person behind me in the coffee shop drive-thru or at a toll booth, telling other moms they’re doing a good job (especially when they look harried!), and complimenting strangers.

(I also love getting ideas & inspiration from sites like Operation Nice, The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation and Kind Over Matter!)