This will probably sound weird, but I love to imagine what life might be like for creatures so tiny we barely (if ever) see them: field mice, forest critters, elves, gnomes, sprites and their itty bitty friends. What can I say? I’m a daydream believer.
For instance, I’ve decided fairies probably gather in a cozy, top-secret community room that’s painted in irridescent colors with comfy toad stools, durable moss carpeting, thimbles full of fairydust refills, a wing repair shop, framed postage stamps for artwork, and photo albums filled with pics of their favorite human-made fairy gardens.
I bet this mushroom became a summer hot spot for those little winged wonders as it cupped rain water from the previous night’s storm. I spotted it along a trail in the woods and immediately thought it could be a perfect rooftop pool – glistening in the sun, off the beaten path with a jungle gym of grass blades above it. Can’t you just see them having a grand old time?? 
Beauty Tip: If you have kiddos in your life who need their very own fairy wings (shouldn’t every kid have wings??), I highly recommend Minnesota-based Fairy Finery for its magical make believe costumes!