Before we get to our super-awesome giveaway of the week, I want to alert you of a little name change. Since I give you until Friday at midnight to enter each week’s featured giveaway, calling it What The Wednesday doesn’t seem to fit as well anymore. Plus, I want folks to instantly recognize that we’re giving away wonderful, joyful, spirited art here each week. So, I’ve changed the name of our weekly contest to the Happy HeART Giveaway. Get it? Like it? Feelin’ it? Good. :o)
On with the show! You could win this stunning Spirit Necklace by Dawn of D Malia Designs. I asked Dawn to share the inspiration behind this beautiful piece. She said she’d been wanting to find or create a symbol “to represent the eternal energy and spirit we present to the world each day.” She says no matter what roles we play daily (from mom to colleague to neighbor) we are constantly putting forth our energy into the universe, influencing and inspiring those we interact with from day to day.

Dawn says this spirit circle she created symbolizes our energy in constant motion, including “a mending of motion; as we deplete our energy there is a winding up process and renewal of energy builds up and away we go again.” So true! Be sure to celebrate Dawn’s art by checking out her etsy store and her Facebook fan page. And stay tuned: she’s working on a spirit circle set including a necklace and coordinating earrings!

If you want this sterling silver spirit circle with the copper wire wrap to be yours, enter by Friday at midnight CST by answering this question:

How do you replenish your energy and renew your spirit?
Do you dance, meditate, paint, shop? Do tell! 

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Congratulations to Joann in Delaware
for winning the Spirit Circle Necklace!
Come back Wednesday for another Happy  HeART giveaway!