This week’s Beauty Board celebrates home sweet home. We often complain about the stuff that’s wrong in our homes – the leaky faucet, the noisy neighbor, the peeling paint. But what do you LOVE about the place where you live? Today, cherish the things that make your house a home.

Whimsical World – I adore this aqua-and-olive 8×10 print by Kandy Myny, available on etsy for $15.

Wherever We Are Together Print – Jessica of Vol. 25 created this ode to home & love, available as an 8×10 for $20 or or 11×14 print for $30. I love her stuff!!!
My Very Own House – This is for anyone who loves to a) color and b) play house. A cardboard fold-up playhouse that you can color with the eight markers included. So sweet for $29.99 at Target.
Enchanted Makeovers – Terry Grahl is on a mission to turn family shelters into heartwarming havens. She’s an incredible woman and is changing the world one shelter at a time. Yes, that photo of the bright and cheery cottage-like window is a transformed women’s shelter! Amazing, huh? You can support Enchanted Makeovers in lots of ways, by donating time, money, handmade items and household items.

Gold Keys Personalized Modern Moving Announcement
 – Whether you need to announce a new address or celebrate someone’s new home, be sure to check out Red Stamp’s MOVING collection, which includes everything from personalized new home announcements, housewarming gifts and cards, address labels (that’s where I got ours!) and more.