I’ve been a busy worker bee ever since vacation, buzzing around making my own version of honey: a sweet (and sometimes sticky) mix of words, photos and art.

Exhibit A: The photos above are of a mixed media collage I just completed for the first week of Louise Gale’s Creative Color Challenge. She gives us a color each week in August and we have to use our artistic skills to make something lovely using only that color + black and white. As you might have guessed, the first color was yellow. Fun to incorporate my photography (a yellow rose is hiding in the background), doodling and painting! And I feel pretty darn brave, since this is my first official artist challenge.

Exhibit B: If you look to the right sidebar, you’ll see a new image that says “How To Build a Blog You Love.” Click it and it will link you to a new (long) article here on the site that has countless tips and tricks for sometime- and future bloggers. Everything from affiliate programs and sponsorships to my own mistakes along the way.

So, that’s my deal. What are you going try that’s new to you today??