These wonder-woods were every shade of green imaginable,
from the ferns on the forest floor to the tippy-top of century-old pine trees.
Green’s my favorite color, so I was a happy camper.
In that moment, surrounded by so many gorgeous greens,
I thought life couldn’t get any better.
Soon, a flash of red caught my eye and there they were:
a small bunch of bright, candy-red berries.
Dainty but bold, the berries held their own against that vast green backdrop.
See, even on days when we think life’s pretty flippin’ fantastic
and couldn’t possibly get any better…it can and does!
Especially for those who believe it’s possible.
When setting an intention, my friend Maryanne O’Brien
encourages her clients to end their written goal with the words “or something better,”
allowing for things to materialize even greater and grander than imagined.
So…expect great things, enjoy the journey and watch your step!
You don’t want to miss any of the gifts, gladness or even gorgeous berries
that show up along the way.
{p.s. didn’t even see the “daddy long legs” spider next to the berries till i posted this pic!}