I would like a cruise control button for my life.
It would be so lovely to just coast for a while
without having to slow down
for speed bumps, turns or road construction.
But that’s not how life works, is it?
In fact, I think speed bumps (some small, some giant) appear precisely at the moment
we think we’ve got it all figured out,
we think we know what we’re doing and where we’re going,
we think we can sit back and coast.
We weren’t put on this planet to sit around doing nothing.
We were put here to learn, evolve, leave it better than we found it.
That requires a ton of hard work – physical, emotional, spiritual work.
And on some days, that totally sucks.
On others, it’s a bit more manageable.
I guess the goal of all these sharp twists and turns in the road
is to both wear us down and build us up
to a point where a change in plans (even big life plans)
doesn’t totally throw us for a loop.
What if we began to see
challenges like job loss, health issues or financial hardship
as divine opportunities to learn and grow?
It’s a lot easier to embrace change and “hard times”
when you choose to see each challenge as a gift,
picked out especially for you by the powers that be.