Thanks for pedaling on over to Choosing Beauty for this week’s Beauty Board! A big bike race passed by our neighborhood yesterday; all day long there were bicyclists rushing by and it was a thrill to see! So, the latest Beauty Board is an ode to bikes!

Bicycle Print – I saw this on etsy several weeks ago and it was love at first sight. Created by Leah Duncan, it’s a 5×7 print with a limited run (only 50 exist). Cost: $12

Bicycle Cuff Links – What a creative gift for a guy’s whose wild about his wheels! These cuff links are made by etsy artist Cosmic Firefly. Cost: $45

Bicycle Bag – This is such a cute purse from French artist Ikabags. It’s an anti-stain cotton-canvas messenger bag with a bike flap that fastens. Charming! Cost: $49

Bike Love – Ever walked by an adorable or super-cool bike and wished you could tell its owner you love it? That’s the very reason Jessica White created these sweet I (heart) your bike tags that you can attach to the bike you most admire. Isn’t that lovely!? Cost: $2

Nice Bike – Written by longtime family friend and celebrated national speaker Mark Scharenbroich,  Nice Bike is loaded with examples and ideas for creating meaningful connections, whether it’s with an old friend or a store clerk. It’s a really funny, engaging book. Nice bike, Mark! Cost: $19.95