How was your weekend?
Despite some hiccups and hurdles, there were so many sparkly moments in mine!
For me, the theme of the weekend was definitely LOVE.
I mean, there was this sparkly-eyed, rosy-cheeked boy wonder for starters.
We took the boys to a huge park with climbing equipment and water fun,
and my two-year-old took little breaks from playing to come over
and kiss me, dance or sit with me on the bench with his chubby little hand on my knee
(cue heart melting).
Meanwhile, his big brother never sat down for a moment
and happily drenched himself in water as soon as we arrived.
There are times this crazy little dude of mine drives me totally bonkers,
but mostly I’m so in love with his energy, creativity and zest for life.
When I showed him a new piece of art I made this weekend,
my seven-year-old art critic exclaimed,
“Oh, Mommy! That is so great. I just love how you colored in all the dots.”
Again, heart officially melted.
My love-themed weekend also included special one-on-one time with my dad,
morning coffee from my Love Mug, giggles with my hubby,
and a $4.99 set of watercolors.
See what I mean?
I am so grateful for these days when I’m surrounded by love, sweet love.