I’m not sure about this one.
and this week she challenged us to create something in “raspberry red” with only black and white accents.
This was way harder than yellow. In fact, I’m late turning in my “homework!”
Red is such a bold, aggressive color that I think I was less comfortable working with it.
I started with a photo I took of freshly-picked raspberries,
grabbed some red tickets I received in a scrap swap from a fellow artist,
painted that quirky little bird
and then just kept on going until it felt somewhat finished.
You can click on it to see it in more detail, if you’d like.
I think what I’m learning through this challenge so far
is that I’m really a multi-colored kind of girl.
One color makes me feel confined, anxious.
However, I love the feel of these stretches I’m doing,
I like to be challenged to try something new.
So I can’t wait to see what next week’s color will be!