My heart is racing as I post this week’s Happy HeART Giveaway! Why? Because I’m giving away my OWN art. Gulp! Next week, I’ll be opening my own etsy shop featuring mixed media artwork that incorporates my photos, reflections, paint, papers and other special accents. But before I open my shop, I thought I’d give you – my amazing readers – a chance to win the very first print! So, why’s my heart beating right out of my chest? Well, for one, I’m hoping and praying you like it. Secondly, this brings me one step closer to achieving my dream of being a real, honest-to-goodness artist who isn’t afraid to put myself out there.
And, because I’m so excited for next week’s shop launch, I’m going to make everybody a winner! Be sure to include your email address in your comment below because everyone who enters this giveaway will receive an extra-special offer via email when I open the shop next week. Wheeeeeee!
This is a 5×5 giclee print (a fancy-schmancy fine art print professionally produced with archival-quality paper and inks). It includes whimsical snippets from a 1920s storybook, acrylic paints, an original photo (that skydiver is my hubby!), beautiful paper and ribbons, and one of my very favorite affirmations: “the universe is conspiring in your favor.” So, to enter this Happy HeART Giveaway o’ mine, I’d like to hear the following from you:
Share one of your favorite affirmations, phrases or quotes!
Please remember to include your email address (or a link to your blog where your email address can be easily found). Enter by Friday (8/20) at midnight CST. To earn extra entries, please post additional comments for each of these items you’ve chosen to do…(and, by the way, thanks for all the support!):
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Congrats to Mindy in Ennis, Montana
and THANK YOU for all of the kind words about my art.
I’m sending you all a giant virtual hug!