I have so much stuff
swirling around beneath my thinking cap and weighing on my heart today.
I wish I could spend the next 24 hours just sending notes
or going out for coffee with all you kindred spirits who have
left comments,
sent emails,
crossed my path,
left a message,
written beautiful blog posts,
or tickled my funny bone
this week.
But, alas, my schedule just won’t allow it. Drat.
So, I’ve decided to put my fresh-picked thoughts
here on virtual paper in one big jumbled mess.
A brain dump, if you will.
And if any or all of these messages seem custom-made for you, you’re right.
1. It’s totally normal to feel big-time fear when your dreams start coming true.
But it would be far scarier to never realize those hopes. So live the dream and love the ride!
2. Rather than focus on what keeps going wrong,
how about spending a day focusing on what’s going right?
If that feels good, do it again the next day. And the day after that.
3. I think you are seriously, completely, 100% amazing.
4. You seem so drained/bummed/unsure when you’re talking about
that person/that job/that task/that goal. Am I the only one seeing red flags here?
5. People who spew hate, misinformation or offensive steatements
are not worth your energy. Time to move on, sweetheart, and never look back.
6. You are an incredible mama. Even (and especially!) when your kids are screaming bloody murder.
7. I do not know where Farmville is or what you are hoping I will do there.
8. Yes, winners of the Happy HeART Giveaway are chosen at random.
And you can enter below through tonight at midnight CST.
9. I know you’re frustrated, but you can do this!
However, if you keep saying you can’t, then you are bound to prove yourself right.
10. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You made my day.