I love color.
Every wall in my house has color splashed on it:
cappuccino in the living room,
deep sky blue in my family room & kitchen,
olive in the laundry room,
yellow in our bedroom,
apple green in our master bath,
periwinkle in the boys’ bathroom.
As I list them all, I realize it probably sounds like we live in crazy town!
But it all works together and I love the vibrancy of our home.
That said, there is something so sweet, delicate and stunningly pure about white.
I recently read that there are more shades of white
available commercially (in paints, fabrics, etc.) than any other color.
I suspect the same is true in nature – too many shades of white to count!
Even this hydrangea boasts a bevy of whites
that give it a depth and richness that one single shade simply couldn’t accomplish.
White = Whimsy. Purity. Fragility. Radiance. Beauty.