Whomever first said “good things come in small packages” was totally right.
I have received some small packages this week that made my heart do back flips!
First, a package arrived on my doorstep from Jen at Painted Fish Studio. I ordered a beautiful handmade journal (it’s a gift for a friend….shhhhhh) and some polaroid magnets. While I was placing my order, I had the hardest time deciding if I should also buy an adorable greeting card featuring a Polaroid pic of a sign at i like you (a totally awesome store in Minneapolis packed with local artists’ wares). In the end, I didn’t order the card – and didn’t tell Jen I had been thinking about it. Well, what did she sneak into my order? The i like you card. Made my day!
Next up: my order from Mindy at Tim’s Sally arrived. She had a sale last week on some of her original pieces, including Anna – a 3.5 inch tall wooden peg doll brought to life with colored pencils. I loved her online, but now that I have her I am completely smitten. She is such a character! And I’ve put her in my dudio, right by my pencil jar, to hang out while I create. (I also couldn’t resist buying one of Mindy’s necklaces and LOVE it, too!)
Last but certainly not least is a hand-delivered package I received yesterday from Briana at Courageously Creating. Ready for a crazy serendipity story?
Briana and I went to high school together but I seriously don’t think I’d seen her since graduation (i.e. a very long time ago) or had ever heard what she was up to. Plus, we’ve both since married and have different last names.

This spring, I took Kelly Rae Roberts’ Flying Lessons e-course (which, by the way, is now an e-book series that I recommend to every creative soul I know!). Hundreds of artists and creative business owners from around the globe took the original course and we’ve formed a wonderful online community of support. Turns out Briana was taking the course, too; she’s an artist & creativity coach who lives about 40 minutes away! She recognized my first name and tiny profile pic in one of my online comments and reached out to me via email (I think it went something like “is that YOU, Liv????”). We had a little email reunion and promised to get together soon. Then, unbeknownst to each other, we both joined a scrap swap organized by one of our fellow flyers. We each received a handful of participants’ addresses so we coul send each other envelopes stuffed with art scraps & goodies. My list of addresses featured Michele in New Zealand, Sonya in Tennessee, Ronnie in Illinois, and BRIANA – right in my own backyard! What are the chances? So, we met up yesterday to swap stories and exchange packages. Hers was delightfully decorated with paint and the sweet stamp you see above. It’s the perfect message; I’m continually amazed by the ways art inspires, connects and opens me up to new possibilities and new friendships (and even an old one!). See, the best things do come in small packages.