Greetings! I’m Anna. Have we met before? I arrived on the Lanes’ doorstep a few days ago. Liv was super-excited to see me and made me feel right at home. She put me in her dudio and said I could watch her make art. But there’s a lot of time when she’s off doing other things and I get b-o-r-e-d! So, today, I decided to do a little exploring. I climbed over the scraps and paints and slid down the table leg. The first thing I came across: a dump truck and a dinosaur. His name was Richard and he had a cold. He sneezed, I said “bless you” and then I left.

I spotted someone standing on the window sill that looked a little like me, but smaller and with less hair. I liked her dress. And her star. We talked about our dreams. Last night she had one about talking cucumbers.

I needed some fresh air, so I tumbled out one of the back windows. It was a jungle out there! I saw some big wild animals – chipmunks, bunnies, squirrels. There was tons of green grass, pretty flowers and even a shiny pinwheel spinning in the wind.

Have you heard I love climbing trees? Well, I do. Maybe it’s because deep down I’m just a wooden peg so trees feel like home sweet home to me.

I spotted a tree in the backyard that looked just my size. Ok, not really my size. In fact, it might have been the biggest tree I’ve ever seen. But it called out to me. Once I hoisted myself up onto a branch, it looked way bigger up there than it had down on the ground. But I decided to face my fears and go for it.

It took like an hour to move about a foot up that branch (it’s hard since I have no feet), but I was so proud of myself! Eventually, I had to figure out how to get down and saw boulders below. Aha! Perfect for rock climbing. I hung from a twig and swung like Tarzan down to the rocks below.

Oh, fine. Not really like Tarzan. I sort of just stumbled down because, while climbing the tree, I got distracted by a giant flash of fur swooshing across the yard. All I could think was: DOG!!!!!!! I lost my balance, fell off the branch and landed on the rocks. Luckily, I’m made of wood, so I’m pretty resilient. Still, I didn’t want to get eaten by a dog on my first major outdoor adventure.

So, I ever-so-slowly scooted along with my back to the boulders, kind of like an undercover detective. I kept peeking around the rocks to make sure there was no dog in sight. Finally, I decided the coast was clear.

I hopped down to the patio below, totally relieved for about one and a half seconds, when the DOG appeared out of nowhere! I just stood there, totally frozen, hoping she wouldn’t notice me. Fat chance! The dog scampered up to me – it was the family pup, Daisy. She sniffed me, put her cold nose on my head….and then scurried away. I almost died or even worse!

I couldn’t handle being outside anymore. Way too dangerous. So, I went back in and tried to make some new friends. I heard lots of commotion in the basement, so I slid down the banister and you will not believe what I found: a whole community of people who were actually smaller than me, including four – yes – four princesses!!

Just between you and me, those princesses do not look as good in person as they do on TV. I think they’ve had so much Botox they can’t even close their super-wide eyes. BUT I should really not speak ill of them because you’ll never guess what they let me do. Give up?
Ok, I’ll tell you: they let me go inside their castle! I even sat in one of their thrones! I felt just like a princess!
But I felt tired, too, after all of my adventures. So, I hailed a cab (errrr…a wooden truck) and hitchhiked my way back to the dudio upstairs – ready for a giant nap! 
I’m so glad I ventured out, tried new things, and made new friends. I could have just sat around, but I felt so much better branching out.

I hope you enjoyed the Adventures of Anna. I know I did! Bye!