I’m sooooooo excited! My etsy shop is officially OPEN for business. Please excuse the settling dust and my absence here the past few days…I’ve been putting the finishing touches on the shop. You know – hanging curtains, playing with the cash register, blowing up balloons for the grand opening. OH! And to celebrate, I’m offering FREE SHIPPING on all prints (U.S. & Canada only) through Tuesday, Sept. 1st!
I am an etsy addict, but never imagined I’d have my OWN shop with my OWN art. Thank you to all of you who have sent notes or left comments supporting my latest creative endeavors over the past few months,
from my decision to declare myself an artist to turning my dining room into my dudio! You are the reason I’m doing this – you made me believe I could! I have to give a special shout-out to Kelly Rae Roberts and my fellow Flying Lessons students who have provided such inspiration, support and resources. What a gift you all are!
So…I invite you to step into my Beauty Shop today and hope you’ll come back often, as I’m already preparing more items to be added. And if you like what you see, I’d LOVE it if you’d share the shop with your friends. Okay…I’m off to wipe smudges off the shop windows…see you there!
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