I love looking at the world in a new light. Or color.
When I was little, my parents made a water table for me:
a simple waist-high table painted yellow, with two holes that held buckets of water.
When my mom would take out the food coloring and turn the water
blue, green, red or yellow
it was pure magic to me.
And then she’d add another – mixing two together to create another color.
I loved how easy it was to transform the water in such a simple way. 
I guess that’s why I had so much fun playing with the colors
in these photos I took the other night.
They were perfectly lovely before,
but to add purples and greens and blues 
made me feel a little like a magician again.
And it reminded me
that I’m always in charge
of how I see the world around me.
Black and white,
gray and gloomy
or full of color and magic.