There are only four days left of the Minnesota State Fair. We go every year and, judging by the crowds, so does every single other Minnesotan. There are 320 acres of farm animals, fried food and carnival rides, making this the second largest state fair in the U.S.
I have to admit that I don’t adore the Fair (did you just hear the whole state gasp and drop their pronto pups!?). It’s just too overwhelming for me. I can only spend a few hours shuffling through the crowds and waiting in line (for anything and everything).
At the same time, I am always fascinated by this 12-day spectacle. Walk just one block and you can see politicians feverishly shaking hands, TV anchors broadcasting the news, a piglet being born, Boyz II Men singing their old-school hits, and a horse prance by while carrying a girl dressed up like a princess. It’s impossible to make sense of any of it, so I try to just enjoy the view….
A proud farm kid cradles his four-day-old pig
The Big Kid loves to climb on the tractors!

Fried cheese – the ultimate artery clogger.
And of course we had some!

Flying the friendly skies.

Ok, people – I do have boundaries!