Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with a bunch of groovy gals
at the B-Girl Be Carnival in Minneapolis, an annual celebration of women in hip hop. 
We bopped and clapped and tapped our feet
as a host of confident, capable female breakdancers busted a move.
Pretty incredible to watch them move their bodies
with such fluidity and fearlessness,
each with her own bold style and sense of self.
Afterwards, we asked someone to capture a photo of us all
in front of Intermedia Arts’ grafitti-covered entrance.
Later when I pulled the photo up on my computer,
my eyes were immediately drawn to our feet
and the adorable, diverse collection of shoes we’d all worn.
From black flats to high tops, from suede boots to flip flops.
I think shoes say a lot about a person.
And by the looks of these,
I’m surrounded by some seriously cool peeps.
Beauty Bonus:
Speaking of cool women, I just found out Amanda at Persistent Green
is featuring Choosing Beauty as her blog of the week. Wheeeeee!