I’ve been a bit bird-brained lately. I’m not sure what to do with these quirky creatures who keep showing up when I put pen to paper! I did add a little mohawked cutie to a recent collage I created, but I don’t think that’s the perfect place for them. 
Maybe I’m not meant to know their purpose right now. I realized that this morning as my dear friend and radio co-host Joan Steffend talked about the upcoming publication of her first book, called …and she sparkled (it is so awesome!). Joan says the first two-thirds of the book practically wrote itself, flowing through her effortlessly while she was on a plane, scribbling down everything that came to her. And then the plane landed.
Back at home, Joan put the two-thirds-complete story in a drawer, not sure why she wrote it or what she’d use it for, but convinced it was something she needed to hold on to. Three YEARS later, she finally felt ready to finish the story. Once again, the words flowed through her, beautifully completing the story. Her publisher barely changed a thing, which is unheard of in the book industry!
Joan was so patient and let the book come to her, trusting instead of forcing the process. And look what that did! She’ll soon be a published author with a story that’s sure to resonate with everywoman about re-claiming the sparkle. So, that’s my plan for these funky, spunky birds of mine – to wait and see. If I keep feeling compelled to draw these flighty friends, I know eventually they’ll show me where they fit in my art and life.
Oh, and when I do, I’ll be sure to tweet-tweet-tweet about it! ;o)