i am super lucky that i don’t have to drive in rush hour traffic each day.
but occasionally i still get stuck in the muck of a midday log-jam.
and folks – i have a serious aversion to traffic.
yesterday, i was so happy to be meeting my friend rachel for lunch.
i was zipping along the highway, glad to be right on schedule…
and then i saw it: a blur of what seemed like billions of red brake lights.
if there are crashes on both shoulders of the highway
and road construction already has a lane closed,
prepare to wait.
and miss your super-fun lunch.
and wish you’d gone to the bathroom before leaving.
i considered completely stressing out about the traffic
(did i mention i couldn’t reach rachel or the restaurant by phone?).
but then i decided such huffing and puffing was just wasted energy
and i tried to enjoy the ride…or crawl.
i studied the people in the cars around me.
i noticed the tilework in the tunnel i’ve sped through a million times.
and i spotted these sunflowers on the side of the freeway,
which were probably thrilled to actually be seen by someone
instead of being left in the dust by another speeding car.
so, it wasn’t all bad.
i managed to turn that quagmire into a scenic drive!
i still would have preferred to have lunch with rachel,
but i fully trust that for some reason,
we weren’t meant to meet up right here, right now.
and that’s perfectly fine!