Most of the trees here are still some lovely shade of green, but a few – like this beauty in our neighborhood -are particularly punctual, sprouting some eager auburn leaves just in time for the official start of autumn (which started late last night).

Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season – and not just because I was an October baby (though that does help). There is so much to love about this sweet season in my neck of the woods: cooler weather, changing leaves, pretty pumpkins, honeycrisp apples, back-to-school rituals, warm rustic colors, jumping in leaf piles, turtleneck sweaters, Halloween costumes, a new TV season (though I have yet to watch anything beyond a couple of Oprah shows), evening fires, school pictures, fall festivals and baseball playoffs (go Minnesota Twins!).

Yes, the back-to-school morning rush at home can be crazy-making. And it gets darker earlier, which is a bit of a downer. And each new day of fall means we’re one day closer to winter, which is my least favorite season. But finding something to complain about in any season, on any day, is so dang easy – and so unfulfilling. Recognizing and celebrating the good stuff is what “choosing beauty” is all about. And my favorite parts of autumn far outweigh the little bumps and blips. So help me focus on the magic of this season; what are your favorite things about fall? Let’s attract an abundance of autumn awesomeness into our lives!