This is what an outpouring of love looks like.
Since announcing my dad’s cancer diagnosis,
we’ve been amazed by the tidal wave of sweet support
from friends, family and perfect strangers.
Little bits of love have shown up
in moving messages on the Caring Bridge site,
in longer-than-usual hugs from dear friends,
in surprise deliveries of books, CDs, homemade soup.
Each thoughtful gesture helps turn shaky ground into a soft place to land.
The other day, my parents received a huge shipment of fortune cookies.
When my dad started opening the cookies,
he found the most amazing thing inside:
each plastic-wrapped cookie contains an inspirational, uplifting haiku
written by friends and colleagues from across the country.
We opened several cookies yesterday while I was hanging out at my parents’ house.
My dad got choked up each time he saw the name of yet another person
from his past or present who had taken the time to send him good fortune.
The effort was orchestrated by his friend and fellow youth advocate Pam King. Wow.
I am so thrilled my dad has all of these messages
to lift him up, to keep him focused on the future
and let him know how much he’s loved.
A gift that feeds the soul and satisfies the sweet tooth is as good as it gets!
I’m reminded through all of this that it shouldn’t take
a health crisis or emergency for me to show gratitude and love
to those who have made a difference in my own life –
mentors, neighbors, teachers, colleagues, relatives.
It’s so easy to do and too easy to forget.
So, let’s start a reach-out-revolution;
reach out, say thanks, spread the love, be the change.