I believe in angels. Not just some untouchable force reserved for ancient art or Bible stories, but ethereal beings who are still very present in modern times – and in my life – all waiting and willing to help humankind.

I have long believed in and trusted there were angels in my midst, but I only began talking to them a few years ago. Yes, talking. I don’t recall what sparked my fascination, but I started reading books by angel experts who provided one example after another of people who saw miraculous things occur in their daily lives once they started asking their angels for help and guidance. Not just in stressful or critical situations, but with mundane daily tasks like getting a good parking spot or clearing a traffic jam. It makes sense to me; God seems a little busy for that tedious stuff, so why wouldn’t he hire (create) an army of angels to handle requests that can comfort us, scatter joy and further our faith?

I started mentioning angels early on in the life of my blog. And we started talking about them on my radio show (it continues to be one of our most popular show topics). Then, in March of 2007, an angel showed up at my doorstep. At the time, I didn’t really dive into the significance of it on my blog, but deep down I felt like it was the clearest message possible from the angels that they appreciated my trust in them and my spreading the word about their awesomeness.

Now, talking to the angels is a daily habit I don’t think twice about. I ask them for guidance when I’m creating art. I ask them for help in dealing with difficult situations. And, yes, I even ask them to help find me a good parking spot in crowded places (and I swear they deliver almost every time!!). They want to help you, too! So take a leap of faith, ask for help and watch what happens…because you are never alone.

Want more info? Here are a few angel experts I highly recommend:

~ Doreen Virtue is arguably the most well-known angel expert and included me in her book The Miracles of Archangel Michael
~ Sue Storm is “The Angel Lady” & author of Angel First Aid: Remedies for Life, Love, and Prosperity
~ Janis McKay Babcock is an “angel therapy practitioner” trained by Virtue. She’s the real deal!