Be still my heart!
I am jumping-flipping-cartwheeling for joy
over the little treasure box I just received.
Last week, Tejae Floyde gave away a set of her engraved
polymer pocket hearts here on Choosing Beauty.
No surprise – you LOVED ’em!
Tejae was kind enough to say she wanted to make one for me
and asked me what words I’d love to have on a heart.
I swooned at the thought of a heart engraved with “choosing beauty.”
So, I thought maybe she’d send me one.
And one would be plenty!
But today I opened up my mail box
and found a whole set of the sweetest choosing beauty hearts
I could ever imagine!
Thank you, Tejae, for your kindness;
I totally ♥♥♥   my new tiny treasures.
Go forth, dear hearts, and choose beauty today!