Our dog Daisy drives me crazy on a very regular basis.
Today she chased a car, chewed up a nut and bolt,
and coaxed the toddler to give her half a waffle
(those puppy dog eyes get him every time!).
But she’s too darn cute to stay mad at,
especially when I catch her taking in the day like this.
She just loves to look out our bedroom window at the busy world below.
Who can blame her?
There are squirrels and birds to watch, cars to bark at and sunshine to soak up.
She may be a handful, but she’s a great little teacher;
I need to follow her lead more often when it comes to living in the moment.
Dogs are so heart-connected to their people,
they are so keenly aware of the sights and sounds around them,
and they seem to know their life purpose is to love, love, love.
(Truth be told, I think that’s every human’s life purpose, too…
but we keep trying to make it way more complicated than it is!)
So, cheers to my spiritually-enlightened snuggle pup
for regularly reminding me to seize the day and enjoy the view.
This is not Daisy’s first appearance here. For those of you dog lovers keeping track…