I’ve got a basket full of goodies to share with you today – just random sweetness. And why not; it’s Friday!
First, it’s the last day of this week’s Happy HeART Giveaway (enter by midnight central) but I also want to make sure you know about Louise Gale’s awesome offer to Choosing Beauty readers this week. Read the giveaway post to see how to score freebies from this fabulous artist!
Second, I was so proud last week because I reorganized my dudio and gave everything its own place. It gave me an excuse to bliss out a bit at The Container Store! It really can’t even be used as a dining room anymore; I even removed a bunch of champagne and cocktail glasses in our china cabinet to make room for materials! And I built a simple set of shelves (god, i hate assembly instructions!) for lots of little bits and pieces – business cards, stickers, envelopes, etc.

Doesn’t it look spiffy? Yeah, well…it doesn’t look this this anymore. I really should post a picture of how it looks today because it’s hysterical. You can’t even see ANY surface of the table – and it’s a big table! But I can’t post a pic because I’m busy whipping up a surprise for you that I’m soooooo excited about! My blog’s birthday is coming up on Monday (and it’s my b-day too!), so I’m cooking up something special that I’ll announce to my newsletter subscribers this weekend. If you’re not signed up yet, do so here!

Ok, on to number three: a fellow Libra who knocks my socks off is Louise Hay, founder of Hay House media company and a visionary in mind-body-spirit connection. It’s her birthday today, Oct 8th! And she’s doing something special for her big day, too. Today ONLY, you can get 50% off all of her books, DVDs and other products. Wow!

Fourth, I’m pulling together guests and such for my radio show, Get Real. Tomorrow we’re talking about creating our own happiness (vs. leaning on someone or something else to make us happy). Prepping for the show inspired me to create this etsy treasury of joyful art. Hope it makes your heart sing!

Ok. I think that’s it for now. I hope your Friday is so freakin’ fantastic you can hardly believe your good fortune! Whatever you do, don’t forget how much you rock!