Have you ever stopped in the middle of your day and wondered what someone else is doing right at that moment in another part of the world? Our perfect, spinning planet is so big but the commotion of our individual daily lives can feel far bigger. I actually love to occasionally daydream about what women on the other side of the world might be doing while I’m driving my kid to hip-hop class or trudging through Super Target. However, I have to admit I have so much to juggle each day (just like every other woman I know!), that I wind up ignoring the vast majority of humankind!
But today – 10.10.10 – there’s an awesome way to get reaquainted with the rest of the world. It’s One Day On Earth, a global initiative that’s coordinating filmmakers, students and “inspired citizens” to record the human experience over a 24-hour period. It’s being called the largest parcipatory media event in history and the result is sure to be a heart-breaking and heart-warming collection of films and photos of the incredible diversity, conflict, tragedy and triumph that happens in one day on earth. Doesn’t that sound cool!?
Let’s do our own version here!! No video needed – just a comment that shares what’s on your schedule today and where in the world you are. I’ll start:
I’m in a suburb of Minneapolis and I love Sundays because I can stay in my jammies with the kids all morning while my hubby works, sip copious amounts of coffee and just enjoy a leisurely day. I also have a big writing project for a client that’s due Monday, so I’ll probably spend a good deal of time on my laptop in the family room while my action-packed boys swirl around me. And I’m gonna squeeze in some time for my art, too!
Ok, your turn! Ready…set…go!