I’m adding a retroactive post today; something I rarely (if ever) do. It’s actually Wednesday night, but I’m posting some reflections for October 11th – the fourth anniversary of this blog. Four years!? Wowza.

Usually, if I miss a day of posting, here I let it slide. I’m pretty diligent about posting every day; it’s something I count on and you can count on. But this week, life just got too busy. I had a big deadline, a birthday, family stuff and I decided to give myself a blog break. 

It felt really weird. In fact, I kind of missed it. Most of my blog posts require some quiet contemplation – a deep dive into my day that I’ve sort of become addicted to. It’s almost like a form of meditation; I usually write my posts late at night, after the family is in bed and the rest of my work is done. It’s me time. And, as an amazing little bonus, that me time turns into you time; I read every comment and email you send and I love them all! Isn’t it AMAZING that we can connect this way, whether you live around the block or around the world? Isn’t it INCREDIBLE to be able to share all the ways we’re growing, learning, feeling, loving? I also know there are many of you who prefer to remain silent at your computer screens, but I feel your virtual embrace, too.

We’re blooming together, I think. We’re creating beauty and choosing beauty. We’re building a brighter future. Happy anniversary, dear ones. (and thanks for letting me show up late to my own party!)