I’m sooooooo excited to show you my brand new goodies: necklaces in my etsy shop!! Truth be told, I’m actually a little late with this news (at least according to my schedule). I had a grand plan to announce the news about my new necklaces on Monday, which was the fourth anniversary of my blog. That would have been perfect timing, right?!

Yeah. Well, I literally just published Monday’s blog post (it’s about me and you). I’m only three days late. Life just got overwhelmingly busy and those best-laid plans swirled right down the drain.

But I’m back, people! And I’ve got outstanding news to share: I’m launching a new line of necklaces in my etsy shop today! I hate to brag, but I’m going to anyway: I think they’re so cute and charming! I haven’t even promoted them anywhere yet and they keep selling so quickly whenever I list a new one. How exciting is that!?

Each recycled bottlecap pendant features part of one of my collages or photographs along with some words of inspiration; many also include a silver, pewter or crystal charm. I’m so looking forward to getting your feedback. I hope you like them as much as I do!