The view of these flowers
as they stretch towards the sun
reminds me of myself in kindergarten.
I was quite precocious (surprise!),
had just become a big sister to a baby brother,
and was over-the-moon about all the things I was learning
with lovely Mrs. Dahlman at the head of the class.
I have friends who remember virtually nothing about their childhoods,
but I remember so much so vividly.
I recall being so elated
when I was chosen to emcee my kindergarten class talent show.
That was like a dream come true!
Some kids shy away from microphones or spotlights, but not this girl.
I can still feel myself standing at the edge of the gymnasium stage,
pretending to be a grown-up
as I praised each act before announcing the next,
using compliments I’d thought up ahead of time.
“What wonderful jump roping, Danny!”
“Really amazing magic tricks, Sarah.”
“Let’s hear it for those singing bunnies!”
I think I remember it so well because I was in my element:
performing, informing, and honoring others’ talents –
all things I loved to do.
Whenever I was in that sweet spot,
I felt as tall as the trees,
as bright as the sun,
as big as the sky.
And the same is true today.
When you find your sweet spot,
you magically find you.