Love is not only in the air…but on the ground!
If you read my posts about the north woods retreat I went on last week
with spectacular artsy-bloggers, you know it was a giant love-fest.
And within hours of arriving, I noticed this heart-shaped rock
sitting on the window ledge – what a treasure!
When Carissa and I went exploring along the rocky shore of Lake Superior,
I took the heart rock with me.
We took pictures of it in tons of places and couldn’t stop giggling along the way.
Time stood still; we were caught up in pure joy.
And then something amazing happened: 
more hearts started showing up.
Carissa spotted this heart imprint along the shoreline.
It’s probably bird poop, but it’s the loveliest poop I’ve ever seen
(and reminded me of the parking lot heart I saw recently). 
Mere steps away, we found a heart-shaped puddle.
Isn’t that crazy!?
And as if that wasn’t enough, 
Carissa somehow spotted this teeny-tiny heart-shaped rock
tucked inside a hole on the ground.
By that time, my chin was also on the ground;
I couldn’t believe all those hearts sightings,
one right after the other!
In hindsight, I think each one was a gift from the universe,
reminding us that when we open our hearts and love with all our might,
nothing is impossible.
So I send you oodles of love today,
from my heart to yours.