Every year around Thanksgiving, I put spruce tops in the urns at our front door.
I spruce ’em up with ribbons, fabric, fake berries
and tiny glittery berry-like balls that look like colored sugar.
I’ve bought them in red, yellow, even light blue.
I’ve always thought they were just whimsical figments of someone’s imagination
(“oh, wouldn’t it be cute if there were sparkly flowers!? let’s make some!”).
And then I came across these beauties last week.
Sparkly flowers that look like mustard yellow ornaments
covered in teeny-tiny glass beads
(click on the pic if you don’t believe me!).
I know this photo doesn’t do them justice, 
but I promise you they sparkled in the sun.
 Nobody I’ve asked 
knows what they’re called.
I guess all that matters is that
they’re REAL, people!
And they’re spectacular.