I’m probably slightly biased, but I’m pretty sure my kiddos were among the cutest trick-or-treaters on the planet last night. Sunday felt like the longest day in history to my seven year old, who must have asked 872 times how much longer he had to wait to go trick-or-treating.

When the time finally came, our mini hip hop DJ was out the door in a flash with his two-year-old brother – our little cheeseburger – following close behind, totally bewildered by all the excitement in the neighborhood. It took him a few houses to pick up on the fact that each homeowner would give him a treat just for showing up at their door looking like dinner.

Both of my boys were super adorable, but the real star of the show was my brother – their Uncle Kai. He created the turntable that totally made the DJ costume stand out in the crowd. It was truly a work of art with such attention to detail! Meanwhile, our cheeky cheeseburger did not want to explore the neighborhood with anyone but Uncle Kai. They held hands the whole time (unless Kai was carrying the burger boy). Even on a night that’s all about the candy, those kinds of moments make the sweetest memories.